"I highly recommend Charles as a seminar speaker and coach. As executive manager of Oregon Coalition for Educating Anglers (OCEAN), I have had the distinct pleasure of observing Charles in action for several years.

Charles prepares his presentations with careful attention to every aspect of ocean fishing. He has a knack for making seminars interesting, relevant and informative.

Charles has been the headline seminar speaker at our Saltwater Sportsmen’s Show for many years because we know he draws people to our show. The feedback is always positive and sellout crowds fill our conference rooms each year.”

 — Marie Keene, Executive Manager, Oregon Coalition for educating anglers


"Charles’ advice on what to expect, and how to handle the unexpected, makes the seemingly impossible possible for many. Whether you have or have not commanded an ocean going vessel, this information and the humbly confident manner of its presentation are prerequisite to venturing on the sea as a mariner.”

— Tim Simmons


"Over the years I have taken in quite a number of Charles’ seminars. Topics have included fishing techniques, bar crossings, boat safety and tuna fishing. Each time I came away with knowledge gained and new perspectives to consider. Charles has a low-key, low-ego style that is easy to relate to. At the same time there is no mistaking his wealth of knowledge or his commitment to educate and coach. Charles has definitely sped up my learning curve in my own conversion to offshore saltwater fishing."

— Bill mead


“Over the past 15 years, I have found Charles to be an outstanding resource in all things related to ocean fishing. Whether the topic is seamanship, boat set-up, inshore techniques or the pursuit of Albacore Tuna, Charles’ practical advice coupled with his saltwater passion have proven to be an asset to myself and many others. Charles is and will always be my go-to when I’m seeking advice or simply needing to reflect on ways to improve my own game.”

— Dave Williams