Private consulting for salt-water fishermen and boaters

Helping you become the captain everyone Trusts


I teach seamanship and fishing skills to captains of small boats

Ocean Coach teaches you the fishing and boating skills to quickly jump start your lifetime of adventure on the ocean. As your coach, I identify and fill the gaps in your abilities, and give you the tools to keep learning. I teach fundamental skills, little-known finesse moves, and hard-won practical knowledge.   

Coaching is customized for your particular needs. Popular topics include finding tuna, safe bar crossings, and making the go/no-go decision based on forecasted sea conditions. Coaching can focus on fishing, boating, or both as best fits your goals.

Nobody should have to miss out on ocean fishing for lack of knowledge. But, absent the good fortune of being mentored early in life, new captains face a long learning process on an unforgiving sea. Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced hand, Ocean Coach can shortcut years of trial and error, and quickly boost you to the next level of knowledge and skill.


Five-step plan

  • Call or email now

  • Answer a few questions

  • Let me create a coaching program just for you

  • Complete the one-on-one coaching sessions

  • Enjoy your new skills and confidence at sea


FREE GUIDE: Five Key Weather and Tide Factors

Small boat captains bear responsibility for judging whether it’s safe to take a crew onto the ocean. Making that critical go or no-go decision the night before depends on 5 key weather and tide factors. Learn what these factors are, how to remember them, and how they paint a complete safety picture based on weather and tide predictions.