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Charles 25 miles offshore

your coach, charles loos

Charles is a lifelong waterman with a background in fishing, boatbuilding, power boating, and extreme endurance rowing. Growing up in a Southern California beach town, he was in the water 5 days a week. His passion is ocean fishing from small boats.

Charles captains a 22 foot dory, launching directly through the surf at Pacific City, Oregon, for salmon, lingcod and halibut. In the summer, he ranges 40 miles offshore with buddy boats in pursuit of albacore tuna. Previous boats included a variety of fiberglass, wood and aluminum skiffs.

In midlife, Charles shifted toward mentoring and teaching. Under the moniker “Tinman”, Charles has been a thought leader on the Salty Dogs forum on for 18 years where he mentored dozens of captains and anglers. He has presented fishing and boating seminars at the annual Salt Water Sportsman’s show in Oregon for 8 years, often co-presenting with the Coast Guard.

As a Registered Professional Engineer, Charles brings rigor and discipline to his understanding of fisheries, oceanography and hydrodynamics. Charles has also built small boats using both plywood-on-frame and stitch-and-glue construction.

Charles has written over 20 articles for magazines such Motorboat, South Coast Sportfishing and Salt Water Sportsman.

Charles is also an extreme endurance rower. He has completed a 56-mile ocean row (with safety escort boats) in pursuit of tuna, and a 70-mile human powered boat race in Puget Sound, spending 21 continuous hours on the oars. Charles routinely catches salmon, lingcod and rockfish from his 14 foot rowing wherry.